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The special needs community embraces the support they receive and are masters at paying forward appreciation, joy and gratitude. They are the leading energy that bonds the team at Changing Hands, and lead the dedicated and progressive partnership for contribution in the community.


Our Champs are the valuable hands that do the work.  With big hearts and an unbelievable drive to give, they transform the volunteering project into a work of the heart.  The passion and energy the Champs bring to their everyday is both inspiring and motivating for the Coaches, the Advocates, and the community at large. Their desire to pay it forward leaves a ripple effect of love and dedication that multiplies the effectiveness of any business, project, and community they touch. Leaving them forever changed.


Changing Hands matches each Champ’s likes and abilities with a volunteer opportunity where they actively contribute to the community.  They can select something they like to do whether it is working with children, pets, feeding the hungry, hosting events and many other things. Every opportunity has Coach support that provides guidance and mentorship. Within each opportunity, Champs work alongside people with different abilities and skill levels.


There are so many wonderful reasons to volunteer:


  • Help other people

  • Meet new people and make friends

  • Explore and learn new things

  • Gain important skills and experience

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Get active and healthier

  • Be a role model to people with different abilities

  • Have fun




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