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Our ADVOCATES are organizations that have a need for volunteers who bring value to the missions they serve. Together, the Coaches and Champs volunteer their time and energy to fulfill the needs in the scope of the project with a “can do” commitment.


Advocates are the corporate and nonprofit supporters looking for more visibility in the community, and seeking a revolutionary, more empowering way to “give back.”  Advocates provide unique opportunities for partnership where volunteer organizations and businesses mutually benefit and support one another.


Our Champs, special needs volunteers, provide hands on enthusiasm and care to each project.  The Champ-and-Coach collaborative breathes life, energy, and joy  to make the experience memorable for everyone.


Most events are organized and well run, but are missing a distinctive personality, flavor and experience. The Changing Hands three-way partnership approach creates a heartwarming, joyful, and unforgettable experience that infuses the community with a sense of connectedness and purpose.


There are so many wonderful reasons to be a Advocate on our team:

  • Get the job done

  • Pay it forward

  • Contribute to society

  • Recognition

  • Publicity

  • Increase visibility




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