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The ​Changing Hands Community

Changing Hands is a team of people who gather to give of themselves and provide love and support for the community.  Our fundamental gift to the world is the community of individuals with special needs that have so much to give, and whose spirit is the light that illuminates and radiates everything that we do.


Changing Hands provides a unique partnership where businesses and nonprofits share in a mutual benefit from the talented volunteer force of special needs and non-special needs individuals completing and orchestrating projects and events.

Who We Are

We are a team, a family, and a coalition for change and win-win-win outcomes:

  • Wins for our Volunteers with different abilities (CHAMPS)

  • Wins for the Guidance & Support Advocates (COACHES), and

  • Wins for the Business Partners (ADVOCATES) who need volunteers that will bring a unique flavor to their organization


Our Mission
To allow the community to experience the joy, the compassion, and the willingness to be of help that CHAMPS have within them; Provide opportunities for the community to get involved in the team working as COACHES alongside the CHAMPs in the projects; And to provide real value and service to the ADVOCATES who provide the opportunity and space for such greatness to be witnessed and given.

Get Involved

The Champs, the Coaches, and the Advocates operate hand-in-hand to contribute to the community, bring life to projects, and be the leading edge of change. We offer participation at all levels to pay it forward and enhance the communities we serve.


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